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Accused 'wrote of Charles murder'

An extremist wrote about putting a bullet in the head of Prince of Wales with a military grade sniper rifle "for the Aryan people", a court heard today.

Loner Mark Colborne, 37, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of preparing terrorist acts for months before his arrest on June 3 last year.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow QC told the jury about the contents of a notebook seized from Colborne's house in which he penned his desire to kill the heir to the throne.

In entries dated in May and June 2012, he wrote: "I don't want to be a serial killer. I'm more of an Anders Breivik. I have left potential targets open.

"I was waiting for an opportunity to kill one of them. Let it be Prince Charles which would be good."

He went on to state that he wanted a "silent rifle", adding: "Take up a good position and put a bullet in Charles's head.

"He is protected but not too protected. I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become king. Kill the tyrants."

In another entry, he wrote: "If I had the right weapon like a military grade sniper rifle, I would take out Prince Charles and a few others for the Aryan people."

And in a third note, he stated: "The first chance I would get with a rifle if he crosses my path is to murder Prince Charles."

Colborne also ranted about the killers of black teenager Stephen Lawrence as they were sent to jail, the court heard.

Yesterday, the court heard how Colborne, who suffered from depression and agoraphobia, trawled the internet for explosives and poisons.

He went on to acquire chemicals over the internet forming the essential ingredients for the deadly poison cyanide as well as stockpiling dust masks, metal filter funnels, plastic syringes and latex gloves, jurors were told.

But on June 3 last year, his half brother Kevin Colborne alerted police after he uncovered the chemicals and papers detailing Colborne's racial hatred stashed amid the clutter of his room at the family home in Southampton in June last year.

The prosecutor said Colborne had a "troubled" childhood and saw himself as marginalised because he was a white, ginger-haired male.

Colborne denies the charge against him and the trial continues.


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