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Adventurer Bear Grylls backs down in trademark wrangle

By David Wilcock

Television adventurer Bear Grylls appears to have lifted a threat of legal action against a tiny knifemaker whose name includes the word "bear".

Dorset-based Bear Blades received a letter from law firm Carpmaels & Ransford on behalf of Bear Grylls Ventures calling for the company to remove any reference to “bear” including its name, logo, and website.

After last week promising to look into the matter when Bear Blades approached him via Twitter, the 40-year-old Chief Scout told the Swanage-based company on Twitter: “You guys are good to go! Apologies again. Good luck and let us know if we can ever help you in your endeavours. BG”

Owen Senior (33), who set up Bear Blades, said: “Our plan is just to carry on as we were and not change anything.”

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