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Alex claims George Best's ghost haunting her by turning taps on and moving her belongings


George and Alex share an embrace

George and Alex share an embrace

Alex Best, ex wife of soccer legend George Best

Alex Best, ex wife of soccer legend George Best

George and Alex share an embrace

George Best's second wife has claimed that the ghost of the late football legend is haunting her.

Alex Best married George Best in 1994 they were together until 2004.

After a long battle with alcoholism George Best died just one year later in 2005, aged 59.

On Friday Alex was interviewed on the This Morning by Ruth Langsford and Belfast presenter Eamonn Holmes.

She told them she believes the ghost of George Best haunts her from house to house and also moves her belongings.

She said: "In the morning of the funeral. I went to go, I walked out the hotel door, and as I was walking past the bathroom every single tap and shower turned on. It's just strange things."

She continued: "I've moved three times and it happens wherever I go.

"I walk past the bathroom and the taps turn on.

"I have a top, I've put it in my drawer and all of a sudden I want to wear it and it's not there, I bring everything out. But then a week later it's there on top.

"I have a massive chest of drawers and it takes three removal men to move it.

"And the other day it had moved out from the wall, and you could see the carpet marks."

When quizzed as to why she assumed it was George she said no-one else "would want to do that randomly".

She also said it started just after George died.

'I've never really spoken about it with anyone because it's private", she added.

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