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Alliance cautiously approves Stormont House agreement

By Staff Reporter

Alliance's ruling executive has backed the Stormont House Agreement - although the party also expressed dismay that it didn't go far enough.

The Alliance executive remains concerned that the Agreement falls short of the public's ambitions on key issues such as parades and flags. They also questioned the willingness of other parties to meet the commitments in the Agreement.

Alliance leader David Ford said too much of the document merely reflects "a deal to do a deal".

"It was not the comprehensive agreement that Alliance had hoped for, and fell short of the public's expectations," the Alliance leader said.

"The real value of the Agreement will only be known if and when it is implemented and outstanding issues are addressed.

"The work to turn the commitments into reality must begin immediately.

"Alliance welcomes the financial package that accompanies the agreement, but would caution against any suggestion that it will resolve all our budgetary problems."

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