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Amazing optical illusion as only one item on table is real - but which one?

Optical illusion goes viral

Only one of the items on the table is real - but which one?

It's an optical illusion which has now gone viral.

It begins with a long shot of what looks like a normal table which appears to have several items sitting on top of it.

The camera then zooms in to the red cup that sits on a page torn from a notebook.

After lingering on the cup a hand reaches in and begins to turn them.

The illusion is then broken.

Only at the end do we find out which item on the table is real.

But which one is it?

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since it was uploaded on Tuesday by visual artist Brusspup.

Brusspup said: "I've always wanted to try another one of these videos so here it is. There is no trick editing or cuts."

The trick is known as an 'anamorphic illusion', which means the viewer or device has to hold a specific position for the distorted item to appear normal.

From any other angle, the illusion falls flat.

This video is the latest in a series of illusions that have taken the internet by storm this year.

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