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Ambulance drove over body of biker on road

An investigation is under way after an emergency ambulance ran over the body of a motorcyclist in Wiltshire.

Michael Colley (33) was lying in the road after a crash when the ambulance, which had its emergency lights on, struck the biker.

A motorist had tried to warn the ambulance - that was taking a patient to the Royal United Hospital in Bath - but the crew did not see Mr Colley in time.

The accident occurred shortly after 2am on August 14.

It is unclear at this stage whether Mr Colley was alive when he was involved in the collision with the ambulance.

A Great Western Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: "While the crew was en route along Black Dog Hill a motorist tried to flag them down and alert them to the body of a fallen motorcyclist in the road.

"Tragically, the crew did not see the body in time and the vehicle hit the male motorcyclist lying in the road. Our sincere condolences go to the friends and family of the deceased motorcyclist in this tragic event."

Mr Colley was treated by paramedics and two doctors but was pronounced dead at the scene.

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