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Anarchy, ineptitude and the death of Brexit: The papers’ view on MPs’ vote

The papers have given scathing verdicts on the latest Brexit developments.

The papers have had their say on the latest Brexit developments (Jonathan Brady/PA)
The papers have had their say on the latest Brexit developments (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Brexit continues to dominate the headlines as the national newspapers give their verdict on another tumultuous day in British politics.

“Chaos reigns”, says the Daily Mail, after Theresa May’s authority over Britain’s departure from the EU sustained another major blow.

After MPs defied the Government and decided to rule out a no-deal withdrawal, the paper concludes that Parliament had managed to “plumb new depths of anarchy and ineptitude”.

“On a day of rebellion, deceit and betrayal, the public interest was cast aside and the whole concept of Brexit dragged towards the void,” it says in its leader.

It questions: “Don’t the people of Britain deserve better than this shambles?”

The Daily Express is scathing in its assessment of the ministers who defied the government whips, and says they should resign or be sacked.

“The actions of Parliament have in just 24 hours done more to damage faith in democracy than at any point in our proud history,” it concludes. “All those involved will share in its shame.”

It was the night the Prime Minister finally lost control of Brexit, the Daily Telegraph suggests, warning it had plunged Westminster into a “a constitutional crisis”.

In its leader, the paper says: “We may conceivably be witnessing the end of Brexit, a betrayal of the referendum result in June 2016.”

“The woman who said on TV that she had ‘lost the will to live’ spoke for the nation. But what we are witnessing is the gradual death of Brexit,” it adds.

The Times takes a similar stance, saying the PM is leading a Government that is “quite clearly falling apart”.

As Mrs May made it clear that she intends to put a third “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal to the Commons within days, the paper warns: “It may be too late for Mrs May.”

In its leader, it writes: “Once parliament has voted for an extension to Article 50, she will lose control of Brexit to the EU.

“Brussels will decide on the length of any delay and any conditions attached. She should not assume that all Brexiteers would oppose a long extension. Some may see it as an opportunity to get rid of her.”

The Sun suggests the third vote will be the final chance for Brexit, calling every other solution “a disaster, or a non-starter”.

“The PM’s deal is unpopular with both Parliament and the public. But wait until we are saddled with a supersoft non-Brexit instead,” it writes.

“Voters aren’t stupid. They will know they have been mugged and take revenge at the ballot box.”

“Unless her deal can pass within days, we will be entirely at Brussels’ mercy,” it adds.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror describes the situation as “meltdown” and is critical of the Prime Minister.

Describing her handling of Brexit as “blinkered, incompetent and chaotic”, it warns: “She has turned a country with a reputation for sound government into an international laughing stock.”



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