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Ann Maguire: A frenzied attack in full view of classmates

By Amy Murphy

Shocked pupils told police about the moment Will Cornick walked into a classroom and brutally stabbed his Spanish teacher repeatedly in the neck and back.

In video statements shown to the court, students described the attack on Ann Maguire as being "like a movie".

And they said they were left in panic and shock after hearing the dedicated teacher's screams and watching her flee the room covered in blood.

One boy described how he saw Cornick walk into the room but did not see that he had a knife.

He said: "I remember hearing Ms Maguire scream and for a second I thought it was maybe her starting to laugh. The next thing I remember is hearing everyone in the class screaming, just total panic."

The teenager added: "I watched him repeatedly stab Ms Maguire in the back over and over again. I think I remember him punching her at one point as well.

"Ms Maguire ran out of the room screaming in pain with blood all over her back, Will following and, from what I could tell, continuing to attack her."

After most of the students left the room, the boy locked himself into the classroom with three other pupils while they waited for help to arrive.

"I remember sitting there in absolute panic. I was in shock," he said.

Another pupil told police he saw Cornick come into the classroom but thought nothing of it at first until he heard a noise, followed by Mrs Maguire's screams.

Describing his recollections of the events, he said: "It sounds like a movie."

One boy told police he heard rumours at the morning break that something was going to happen but he "brushed it off".

He said Cornick revealed a large kitchen knife later when they were sat in the classroom next door to where Mrs Maguire was teaching.

The boy said Cornick tried to hide the knife up his sleeve before putting it in his blazer pocket.

"He looked at me, winked and left," he said. The boy said he then heard screaming from the classroom next door and Cornick returned a short time later.

The pupil said: "He said 'I stabbed her. Pity she didn't die.'"

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