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Annoying TV habits revealed in new poll

By Press Association

Talking during crucial moments of a TV show, having the ending spoiled and sitting through adverts are among the nation's biggest television bugbears, according to a new poll.

As the nation is glued to the TV thanks to the World Cup and Love Island, a survey has revealed the habits which leave us fed-up.

The ringtone of a phone midway through a programme, the stop-start of buffering as online streams load and the rustling of food packaging or noisy eaters also feature in the top 30.

Forty-one per cent of respondents had had an argument or fallen out with someone. But more than one in 10 said their annoyance could be solved by getting a new TV, despite the fact the average house already has two sets.

The study found people talking during the middle of a show or film was the most annoying bugbear, followed by having to watch adverts live.

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