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Anti-cuts 'party' in Clegg's street

Hundreds of anti-cuts protesters have held an "alternative street party" in the road where Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg lives.

Up to 400 people gathered in a south west London street playing music, performing comedy and making speeches, in the event organised by UK Uncut.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said there were no reported arrests outside the property in Putney, which anti-austerity campaigners targeted because of government cuts.

Jean Sandler, 42, a UK Uncut supporter said: "Nick Clegg is one of the architects of austerity; he's a millionaire and lives in a million pound home.

"The cuts are a political choice of this government and the Cabinet of out of touch millionaires, they are not necessary.

"No one voted for Cameron and Clegg's disastrous plan that means that we end up paying for the banks' crisis.

"These cruel cuts are designed to destroy our public services, the NHS, the Welfare state and our future.

"The cuts are getting personal and so are our protests. "

The protest in London was part of a nationwide day of action, seeing anti-cuts street parties take place in several UK cities.

In Sheffield, dozens of activists also targeted Mr Clegg's local constituency office.


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