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Archbishop hails Easter 'triumph'

The Catholic leader of England and Wales has hailed Easter as a "triumph of light over darkness and life over death".

In his Easter Vigil, the Archbishop of Westminster quoted recently-elected Pope Francis as he called for believers to live their faith with a "young heart".

Preaching at Westminster Cathedral, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols also referred to the "wounds inflicted upon humanity by evil".

He said: "Let us be honest and realistic. We know the reality of sin, each and every one of us.

"This week, Pope Francis spoke of its reality in these words: 'Look around - how many wounds are inflicted upon humanity by evil. Wars, violence, economic conflicts that hit the weakest, greed for money which none of us can take with us.'

"We also know sin deep within ourselves, in those habits of mind and heart by which we belittle others, or use them for our own ends.

"We know how those habits become actions, acts which we regret yet often repeat. All of this comes under the uncomfortable word 'sin'.

"All of this is overcome in the victory of Christ."


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