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Army ‘bodyguard’ unit shows off its skills

The Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit put on a demonstration of its techniques.

(Andrew Matthews/PA)
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

A specialist Army “bodyguard” unit has been showing off its capabilities during a conference for Nato colleagues.

The Royal Military Police (RMP) Close Protection Unit put on a demonstration of its techniques at the Nato Military Police Close Protection Conference being held at its base at Longmoor Training Camp near Liss, Hampshire.

(Andrew Matthews/PA)

The displays, which included a response to an attack on an ambassador’s residence, were given a realistic feel with the use of blank and training rounds.

The unit also showed how it would respond to a would-be assassin by using tactical driving and extracting the VIP from an ambush.

(Andrew Matthews/PA)

A spokeswoman for the unit said: “The duties of the RMP Close Protection unit are akin to that of a bodyguard responsible for the close security and protection of senior military figures, civil servants and diplomats both within the UK and overseas.

“The purpose of this forum is to enhance the capabilities of Nato Military Police (MP), foster interoperability, and provide subject matter expertise on MP activities for the development of MP standards and capabilities in order to support cooperation in accordance with the alliance’s strategic concept.”

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