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Army experts detonate Second World War bomb which sparked evacuation

The unexploded bomb was found in Kingston, south west London, on Thursday morning.

The WWII bomb was discovered in Kingston (Kingston Police/PA)
The WWII bomb was discovered in Kingston (Kingston Police/PA)

A controlled explosion has been carried out on a Second World War bomb which was discovered on a building site.

Police confirmed the bomb, which was found in Kingston, south-west London, was detonated by Army experts on Friday afternoon.

“So far, limited damage has been discovered with a 50 metre radius of the detonation,” the Metropolitan Police said.

School and university buildings, two polling stations and roughly 1,500 houses were evacuated after the bomb was found in Fassett Road at about 9.15am on Thursday.

The controlled explosion took place at 4.16pm on Friday and cordons were lifted several hours later.

South West BCU Commander Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar said: “I would like to thank all local residents and businesses owners who have been displaced by this inconvenience.

“The response from the local community and Kingston Council has been so understanding and we are grateful for your cooperation.

“The displacement was for your safety – which was our top priority throughout.

“The matter of detonating this device was taken with the utmost seriousness and I’d like to thank the Army and the other emergency services for their assistance and support.”

Two polling stations were closed after the bomb was discovered (Kingston Police/PA)

She added: “There may also be some ongoing disruption to utilities in the coming week, as a result of dealing with this incident.

“It is not possible to qualify the degree or extent at this stage.”



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