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Arrest over attack on pensioner who asked man to stop urinating in street

A 46-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault after a pensioner who asked a man to stop urinating in the street was punched in the face.

Greater Manchester Police said they have arrested a man in Oldham who is being questioned in custody.

Derek Laidlaw, 70, said he had been punched in the face on July 2 at about 10.45pm after asking a man who was urinating against the wall of a house to stop.

Mr Laidlaw said he was punched repeatedly in the face and head after the man, who he had asked to stop urinating against his partner's home in Failsworth in Oldham, pinned him against a wall.

Police said that even after Mr Laidlaw had collapsed on the floor, having already been punched in the face, the attacker continued with his attack.

Another man who was passing managed to pull the attacker away, before he fled towards Kew Road in Failsworth.


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