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Arsenal footballer calls on men to ‘not hide away’ from abortion discussion

Hector Bellerin’s tweet came after some abortion laws became more strict in the US.

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin (Niall Carson/PA)
Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin (Niall Carson/PA)

Spain and Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin has called on men to “not hide away from” the abortion discussion, saying it is an issue for “every human being” after some abortion laws became more strict in the US.

“I wanted to see if anyone from our industry would speak out about the abortion bill, but I guess people are too scared,” the right-back, 24, tweeted.

“This isn’t just an issue for women, it’s one for every human being. We fight for equality and this is something men should fight for and not hide away from.”

Missouri’s Republican-led House recently passed legislation designed to survive court challenges, which would ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy.

That news came days after Alabama’s governor signed a bill making performing an abortion a crime in nearly all cases.

Bellerin’s tweet followed actress Minnie Driver’s post which encouraged men to “speak up on behalf of your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives and daughters.”

She added: “Speak up, because women don’t get pregnant alone.”



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