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Ashers 'gay cake' appeal victory: McArthurs delight at ruling - 'He will always be welcome in any of our shops'


The Christian owners of a Belfast bakery have won an appeal at the UK's highest court over a finding that they discriminated against a customer by refusing to make a cake decorated with the words "Support Gay Marriage".

Five Supreme Court justices allowed a challenge by the McArthur family in a unanimous ruling in London on Wednesday in what has become widely known as the "gay cake case".

Their ruling follows the latest round of a legal action brought against family-run Ashers bakery in Belfast by gay rights activist Gareth Lee, who won his case initially in the county court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal.

Ashers Bakery Owners Daniel and Amy McArthur said that they were "delighted and relieved" by the ruling.

Here's how the day unfolded:


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