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Ashya to visit proton cancer clinic

Ashya King is set to make his first visit to the Czech clinic where he is expected to receive the treatment that prompted the legal wrangle over his care.

The five-year-old brain tumour patient has been flown to Prague from Spain after leaving the Materno Infantil hospital in Malaga in Spain, where he has been treated since his parents were arrested more than a week ago.

He was admitted to University Hospital Motol in the Czech capital, while father Brett King was visiting the Proton Therapy Centre Czech (PTC) to discuss the boy's potential proton treatment.

The centre said: "Little Ashya is coming to PTC on September 9 at 8am for the first consultation and examination."

Ashya was seen being wheeled into the Motol hospital by medics while his mother Naghmeh stood close by.

The Kings triggered an international police pursuit when they removed Ashya from Southampton General Hospital on August 28.

They were desperate for him to be given the proton therapy, which was not available to them on the NHS.

Speaking after arriving in the Czech Republic,Mr King told Sky News they were "just so happy to be here".

He said: "This is what we wanted from the beginning. Things went from bad to worse at one stage.

"We just want the best for Ashya. He's got to get through this, he's got to get better."

Mr King said his son was "a little bit depressed" when they were first reunited.

"He's building up his strength now. We are sure he can see us and he can definitely hear us," he said.

"I am sure they are going to give him the best treatment. We just hope for the best for him."

The Proton Therapy Centre arranged for a private Cessna Citation Mustang jet fitted with medical equipment to transport the young patient from Spain.

Ashya will undergo tests ahead of the possible proton treatment next week, according to reports. It is expected to last for around five weeks, with the boy staying at Motol hospital and travelling to PTC each day.

In London, the High Court judge who approved Ashya's transfer to Prague said he hoped Ashya made a good recovery and sent his best wishes to his "loving parents".

In a Family Division hearing Mr Justice Baker made no criticism of anyone involved in the saga while outlining his reasons for allowing Ashya to travel to the Czech Republic.

He said: "The local authority acted corrected in applying to the High Court.

"There were reasonable grounds for believing that Ashya was at risk of significant harm.

"A week later the picture had changed that the court was faced with a completely different decision."

He added: "Any parents in the position of Mr and Mrs King would do whatever they could to explore all options."

He said he "made no comment" about the decision to issue an European arrest warrant - a move which led to Mr and Mrs King being held in custody in Spain and separated from their son.

He said he "merely observed" that "whatever the rights and wrongs", it had not been in Ashya's interests to be separated from his parents.

A spokesman for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Southampton General Hospital, said: "It is good news that Ashya's treatment can be resumed without delay and we are delighted for him that the situation has now been resolved.

"Professor Jan Stary and his team at Motol University Hospital in Prague have been able to accept the referral to care for Ashya and we are confident that he is in good hands.

"There is a 70-80% survival rate for the condition Ashya has and there is now every reason to hope that he will make a full recovery."


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