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'Assertive' Russia trying to intimidate Europe with nuclear presence, Nato warns

Russia is using nuclear threats to try to intimidate Europe, Nato's secretary general has warned.

Jens Stoltenberg said the organisation was not seeking a new Cold War with Moscow, but moving military assets to Eastern Europe as a precaution.

"Russia is a nuclear power, and a nuclear power which is using nuclear rhetoric to try to intimate other European nations, so we take this seriously.

"I don't see any imminent threat, but I see a stronger Russia. I see a Russia which is more assertive, and a Russia which has been willing to use force against non-Nato European countries.

"We don't seek confrontation with Russia, we don't want a new Cold War, actually we will continue to strive for a more cooperative and constructive relationship with Russia, but we have to do that based on collective defence deterrents," he told BBC Radio Four's Today programme.

Mr Stoltenberg said Nato had a "problem" with some member states not paying enough for their defence.


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