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Atlantic rowers running out of water

The race is on to get fresh water to a group of injured British servicemen trying to row the Atlantic.

The six-man team - of whom four lost limbs during service in Iraq or Afghanistan - suffered a setback in their efforts when their desalinator broke, followed by their hand-pump, meaning they cannot make fresh water.

The Row2Recovery team is trying to raise £1m for wounded soldiers.

They started at La Gomera in the Canary Islands and are currently approaching their destination in Barbados - a total journey of 3,000 miles.

Since their equipment broke, 1,000 miles from Barbados, the team have been rationing the 200 litres of water left in their ballast tanks and have pushed on a further 400 miles west.

They are now 558 miles away and yesterday had just 55 litres of water left on board.

They are waiting for support vessel the Aurora, which yesterday remained around 765 nautical miles away.

The Aurora had initially hoped to reach Row2Recovery yesterday but was delayed due to two other boats in the race requiring emergency resupply, which has now happened.

Crew member Lieutenant Will Dixon, who lost his left leg below the knee when an IED detonated under his vehicle in 2009, said: "It's definitely not been ideal but we've drawn on our military experience to ration our water to enable the resupply to happen."

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