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Baa-d day for sheep stuck under bridge

Rescuers used a raft and boat to reach the stricken ram.

A sheep had a baa-d day when it got stuck on a ledge under a road bridge and had to be rescued.

The ram, spotted by passers by, was 20ft above the River Ouse in Stowbridge near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, when the RSPCA was called.

Firefighters used a boat and a raft to reach the sheep as the tide was coming in on Sunday.

Firefighters used a raft and a boat to reach the stricken sheep at Stowbridge near King's Lynn, Norfolk. (RSPCA/ PA)

RSPCA inspector Jon Knight said they encouraged the sheep down to the water, where it was able to swim safely back to the riverbank while being followed and closely monitored.

The sheep was stuck on a ledge 20ft above the River Ouse when the RSPCA was called. (RSPCA/ PA)

“The farmer returned him to the flock and I’m pleased to say he was none the worse for wear after his ordeal,” said Mr Knight. “We really don’t know how he came to be on the ledge, it’s most likely he got a little bit too curious, and found himself in a situation he couldn’t get himself out of.”


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