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Ban advertising for fatty foods, says leading expert

By Rod Minchin

The advertising of fatty foods should be banned, according to a leading expert.

Prof Graham MacGregor said it made "no sense" that cigarette advertising was banned in the UK but the marketing of unhealthy food was still allowed.

He said what people ate was the biggest cause of death because of increased blood pressure and rising levels of cholesterol.

In Britain, 25% of adults are obese - around 12 million people - compared with fewer than 3% in the 1970s. The proportion is predicted to grow to one in three by 2030.

Studies have found that diseases caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyles are costing the NHS more than £6bn a year, more than the costs of treating illnesses caused by smoking or alcohol.

Poor diet is thought to trigger 12,000 cases of cancer in Britain each year.

Prof MacGregor blamed the food industry for targeting poorer people and their families with adverts for fast food, chocolate and sweets - products that will kill them. "What we eat is now the biggest cause of death," he said.

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