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Bass and Feltz evicted from show

Michelle Bass and Vanessa Feltz have been booted out of the Big Brother house in a double eviction ahead of Friday night's grand finale.

Bass, Feltz and "nasty" Nick Bateman faced the public vote after being nominated by their fellow housemates earlier on in the week.

Bateman survived the vote and will be among the seven remaining Big Brother housemates battling each other for the Ultimate Big Brother crown.

Wearing a white thigh skimming evening dress, Bass, 29, waved at the crowd as she left the house.

Interviewed by host Davina McCall, Bass said of her eviction: "I was really ready to go. I decided I was going." Asked why she was nominated, she replied: "It could be anything."

Bass appeared embarrassed when played footage of her risque antics during her first appearance in the Big Brother house.

In response to other housemates' observations she had become more introverted, she added: "I'm actually a lot more confident and relaxed now. I was younger then, more carefree, get your boobs out all the time. I am here, I've just grown up a little bit more."

Feltz was later named as the second housemate to be shown the door. As McCall congratulated her on lasting six days, Feltz said: "It was a really big thing. Last time I just made three nights and four days and I cracked up, I was in a right old state. I wanted to get a bit beyond that and I have, so for me it's a personal best and I'm really delighted. I'm in a much better place in my life, I went in, I felt better about myself."

Asked about her "catty" spats with Ulrika Jonsson, she replied: "I think we were probably a little bit wary of each other at first, but actually, and I hope she will say the same thing, we got on incredibly well. We like each other, we jog along together, we slept in the bed next to each other. She's alright, she's OK."

The seven remaining housemates are Bateman, Brian Dowling, Chantelle Houghton, Nikki Grahame, Samuel Preston, Ulrika Jonsson and Victor Ebuwa.


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