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Batman and Robin rescue Shoreham kite surfer

A kite surfer who got into trouble at sea was rescued by a pair of friends dressed as Batman and Robin.

David Schneider and Derren Guile, both 40, were kayaking in their costumes for a Superhero Paddle when they spotted the victim being dragged across the beach and into the English Channel.

The pair paddled over as the surfer was struggling to take control of his unruly kite at Shoreham Beach, West Sussex, and found he was "gobsmacked" that he was being rescued by the two superheroes.

David, aka Robin, told the Shoreham Herald: "We were out in the water having a bit of fun and I noticed this kite surfer had got into a bit of trouble. His kite was in the water and he was being dragged across the beach.

"I probably watched him for about ten minutes and thought ‘he’s not getting that back up’, so I paddled over, obviously dressed as Robin and called my comrade to help me.

"He was gobsmacked when we turned up. He just looked round and said ‘oh no’. I said ‘it’s not every day Batman and Robin come to save you is it?’."

He added: "After we returned his board to him he very quickly disappeared, I think he was a bit embarrassed."

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