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BB contestants flooded out of house

Big Brother housemates had to be evacuated on Tuesday night after a "freak storm" flooded part of the house.

The Channel 4 show's nine remaining contestants were taken to a "holding area" within the Big Brother compound as a "safety measure".

After being removed from the Elstree house at 9.15pm they were able to return to a makeshift bedroom almost four hours later, just before 1am.

Crucial areas of the house - the living room, which was swimming in water on Tuesday night, the bedroom and the diary room - were still out of bounds on Wednesday morning.

Housemates had access to the task room, where they slept on Tuesday night, the nest, the kitchen and the garden.

Fans who went on to the show's website on Wednesday morning were told the live stream was not working because of the weather.

Engineers were checking all the cables inside the house to make sure Steve, Josie, Dave, John James, Corin, Mario, Andrew, JJ and Sam could return.

The housemates discovered the rain was pouring in on them while they were lying in bed.

Josie told John James: "Do you think that's the sound of the rain or the air conditioning?"

When Australian John James, who was lying next to her in the same bed, told her it was the rain, she said: "Oh my God, that's amazing isn't it? It's nice to be snuggled up when it's like that out there."


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