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BBC Trust censures station over Corbyn report 'accuracy breach'

By Sherna Noah

The BBC breached accuracy and impartiality rules with a News At Six report by Laura Kuenssberg on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's policy on shoot to kill, its governing body has said.

The item in November 2015 discussed the British government's proposed security measures following the Paris terror attacks which left 130 people dead.

A viewer complained that the report had given the "politically damaging" and misleading impression that Mr Corbyn was opposed generally to police being able to use lethal force, where considered necessary, to stop terrorists attacking the public.

Concluding that the news report breached accuracy rules, the BBC Trust said: "The UK's response in the event of a Paris-style attack here was a critical question at a time of extreme national concern. The audience would have an expectation that a scripted item on one of the BBC's prime time television news programmes on such a day would reflect with the greatest accuracy what the Leader of the Opposition had said on the matter".

The Trust also said that the news report was "not duly accurate" in using Mr Corbyn's answer on shoot to kill to say that the Prime Minister's message and the Labour leader's "couldn't be more different".

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