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BBC website down: broadcaster's website hit by web attack


The BBC said its website, one of the biggest in the world, was hit by a massive web attack which crashed it on Thursday morning.

Users were met with a "error 500- internal error" message while trying to access many of its services including the iPlayer and the news sites on Thursday morning.

Disruption began around 7am, however, broadcast radio and television services were unaffected.

Many of the services returned at around 10.30am.

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: "'The BBC website is now back up and operating normally. We apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced."

During the crash many took to social media to speculate about what crashed the crash.

The BBC said it would not discuss what caused the outage.

Asked if the site was hacked, a spokeswoman added: "We aren't discussing the causes or going into any further detail."

We asked if the public service broadcaster would, at some stage, elaborate on the cause of the incident.

There has been no response as yet.

However, the BBC itself reported that the problems were caused by a technique known as a “distributed denial of service” (DDos) attack.

Such a move sees attackers send a huge amount of requests to a specific website, leaving it unable to deal with them all and knocking it offline.

During the outage, the BBC only said that the sites had been taken down by a “technical issue”, which it was working to address.

No known hacking group is thought to have claimed responsibility for the outage.

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