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'Beat The Chasers' star says experts have got better


Host Bradley Walsh

Host Bradley Walsh

Host Bradley Walsh

The professional quizzers in Beat The Chasers have learned to work better together as a team, according to Shaun Wallace.

Wallace, dubbed The Dark Destroyer, is one of five experts who compete against contestants in the ITV game show, which is a spin-off from The Chase.

Ahead of the second series being broadcast, he said they have improved on their performances from previous episodes.

"Series one was unknown territory in terms of whether or not we could actually work together as a team and certain cracks did sometimes appear," he said.

"I've certainly noticed in series two we're working together more as a team and as best as we possibly can in the time frame we've got.

"Obviously, Paul [Sinha's] a very good all-rounder and Mark [Labbett's] very quick on the buzzer.

"And they're playing very, very well.

"I think we're all playing very well as a team.

"I think we're better this time around working as a unit."

Beat The Chasers sees contestants answer questions against a panel of up to five of the Chasers.

They can choose to play against between two and five of the quizzers for varying amounts of money.

In addition to Wallace, Sinha and Labbett, Jenny Ryan and Anne Hegerty also sit on the panel.

Bradley Walsh, who presents the programme, said: "I am over the moon that Beat The Chasers is back for a second series.

"We had such a fantastic time on the first series and myself and the chasers are raring to go for this second outing.

"If another series wasn't enough to be getting on with, we've also got more episodes - airing for seven nights on ITV.

"And if you think the contestants have had some extra time to brush up on their quizzing skills these past few months, just imagine how much our quizzing geniuses have been genning up.

"So, it's time once again to see who has got the nerve to take on these general knowledge whizzes and if anyone can Beat The Chasers."

The new series will not include new star Darragh Ennis, an Irish research neuroscientist, however. This is because of scheduling reasons.

Beat The Chasers starts on January 3 at 9pm on ITV.

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