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Belfast woman reunited with £10k ring lost in sea off Majorca thanks to specialist metal detectorist

By Laura Abernethy

A Belfast woman thought her £10,000 ring was lost forever when she dropped it in the sea but thanks to a specialist metal detectorist, she has been reunited with the precious family heirloom.

Katie Patterson (23), from Belfast, lost her ring while swimming in Majorca on July 12.

The medical student was devastated as it had been in her family for generations and when she returned to her home in England, she began contacting metal detectorists who might be able to help.

Speaking on ITV This Morning, Katie said: “Distraught is an understatement. That ring just meant so much to me. It wasn’t the monetary value at all. I had been admiring that ring on my Nana’s finger since I was about five-years-old. She meant an awful lot to me.

“But I didn’t give up hope because my Nana was always a very positive individual and I think I have the attribute that she passed down to me. We always had a little saying to never give up.”

Katie eventually found George Edmunds, from Dorset, who claimed that he had found 400 pieces of jewellery before, including a wedding band.

She flew the retired diver and his partner out to Majorca to see if he could find the ring.

“No one was very optimistic about me finding it and they thought I was absolutely ridiculous for going back out.

"But when I eventually found George he instilled a sense of calmness in me through the confident tone of his voice. He said ‘I will find you this ring,’” Katie added.

The chances of finding the ring narrowed each day as it was slowly sucked deeper and deeper into the sand. George estimated that as five days had passed, it would be about one inch below the surface of the sea bed.

But using a specialist waterproof metal detector, George found the ring buried in the sea bed in just under an hour - but he kept Katie in suspense for a little longer with a bit of a practical joke.

She told the ITV daytime show: “I’m not sure I appreciated it at the time. He was in the water for about an hour and he had previously said ‘If I find your ring, it will be in the first half an hour. Half an hour came and went and I was starting to lose hope.

“I went into the water to give him a drink of water and to bring his metal detector out. He emptied the contents of his bum bag onto the sunbed and he had some coins that he’d found.

"He then brought out a gold wedding band with diamonds around the side and then he went he went into his bum bag again and said ‘I forgot to tell you I found a Mickey Mouse ring’. He pulled it out and it was my ring.”

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