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Bercow hints at 'spicy' love life

Sally Bercow has begun to heap potential embarrassment on her Parliamentarian husband by hinting they have a "spicy" love life during Celebrity Big Brother.

Bercow - married to House of Commons Speaker John - made the comment during a discussion with fellow housemates after beginning her stint on the programme on Thursday night.

She has already predicted her appearance on the Channel 5 show is "going to raise a few eyebrows in Parliament".

Bercow was involved in a discussion about fellow contestant Amy Childs' infamous "vajazzle", in which the beautician provides an intimate grooming service for her customers. The term has been popularised by Childs' ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex.

Bercow looked unimpressed when it was suggested that she should try it. "No way," she responded. "I just don't see what the point of it is."

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff cheekily goaded her, saying: "If you're married to a politician, it might just spice up life." But horrified Bercow responded: "Life is spicy enough as it is, you don't need a bloody vajazzle."

Bercow admitted on Thursday that her husband "wasn't very pleased" she was taking part in the show. She said she agreed to take part to "stick two fingers up to the Establishment". She is also raising money for the charity Ambitious About Autism.

Bercow raised eyebrows earlier this year with a magazine interview accompanied by pictures in which she was wrapped in just a bedsheet with Parliament visible in the background.

The launch of Celebrity Big Brother gave Channel 5 one of its biggest ever audiences with an average of 5.1 million tuning in on Thursday night.

The show and its spin-off programme were the most-watched programmes on TV between 9pm and 11.30pm, overnight data revealed. And audience figures were only slightly down on those for the opening of the final Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 last year.


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