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Bereaved 9/11 families eye future

Defiant families of British 9/11 victims declared it was time to look forward as they joined millions of people who remembered the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

Moving memorial services were held around the world for the 2,977 innocent people murdered by Islamist terrorists in the United States a decade ago.

In the UK, the Prince of Wales and Prime Minister David Cameron joined bereaved relatives to mark the sad landmark at an emotional ceremony in the September 11 memorial garden in Grosvenor Square, London.

Events to commemorate the atrocities will continue, with a charity event organised by brokerage firm BGC Partners taking place at Canary Wharf in honour of 658 company employees who lost their lives. Celebrities including Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom are expected to attend the annual fundraiser, while in New York, the 9/11 Memorial site at Ground Zero will officially open to the public.

Speaking at Sunday's event in the capital, Alexandra Clarke, chairwoman of the support group for relatives of British 9/11 victims, whose daughter Suria, 30, was killed in the World Trade Centre attacks, said: "At this moment 10 years ago, we families were just beginning to realise that something terrible had happened in New York and Washington, and that our lives had changed forever.

"For many of us this 10th anniversary will mark a turning point, a time to try and look forward and not back at past bleak times."

Prince Charles told the 40 bereaved families gathered for the ceremony that the "dreadful act of violence" of 9/11 was intended to divide the world but had actually drawn people together, "one person to another, one community to another".

The US ambassador to Britain, Louis Susman, added: "The ultimate aim of the 9/11 attacks to destroy our way of life failed - it failed utterly."

In what has become a poignant tradition on every anniversary, the bereaved relatives read out the names of the 67 British victims and laid a white rose for each one on the memorial.

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard said around 40 people were arrested by police following disorder sparked by protests outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square on Sunday.


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