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Bird of prey tries to snatch pet Pomeranian

A tiny Pomeranian was nearly lunch for a 2ft long bird of prey until the canine’s doting owner swooped in to save her pooch before the winged creature had a chance to.

Little Vinnie was enjoying his daily walk in a field when owner Kate Hillman spotted the red kite bird of prey moving into attack position in the skies above them.

Although the fashion model got in first and scooped up her four pound pup, the bird had other ideas and returned to make a number of repeated attempts to steal the dog from its owners’ arms, but luckily without success.

Mrs Hillman from Berkshire yesterday told the Daily Mail: “It was huge, about five times bigger than little Vinnie. I picked Vinnie up but the bird wouldn’t leave us alone. It kept swooping in to try and pick him out of my arms."

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