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Black Spider Memos: Prince Charles' senior aide rips cover off Channel 4 reporter's microphone hours before release of letters

By Neil Lancefield

One of the Prince of Wales' senior aides ripped the cover off a television journalist's microphone just hours before the release of letters he wrote to government ministers.

Kristina Kyriacou, the Prince's communications secretary, took exception to Channel 4 News reporter Michael Crick when he asked Charles if he was "worried" about the documents being released.

She blocked the journalist from approaching the heir to the throne before grabbing his microphone and pulling off its cover.

The incident occurred as Charles was arriving at Marks and Spencer's flagship store on London's Oxford Street to highlight a work placement scheme between the retailer and his Prince's Trust.

Charles did not reply to the questions but said "very predictable" as he entered the store.

It was announced in February last year that Ms Kyriacou would take on the role of communications secretary for the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall.

She has previously worked with singer Cheryl Cole and was head of public affairs at Comic Relief.

Crick said: "I thought it was worth asking him those questions.

"He didn't seem too pleased that we asked.

"I was a little surprised to have the top of my microphone ripped off.

"We were able to put it back on again quickly.

"I now eagerly await those letters."

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