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Blair slams Tory plans on Brexit and state of politics

Critical: former PM Tony Blair
Critical: former PM Tony Blair

By Catherine Wylie

Tony Blair has branded the Conservative party's plan to deliver Brexit a "fantasy" and said he would not trust Boris Johnson with a blank cheque.

The former prime minister will deliver a speech today and is expected to describe the state of British politics as "utterly dysfunctional".

Mr Blair, speaking at a Reuters Newsmaker event, will say that voters should look at this election seat by seat, describing the General Election as "650 mini elections".

He is expected to say: "The Conservative Party say vote Tory and Brexit will be done; it will be over.

"They even add - do it and we can get back to dealing with the important issues.

"The cheek is quite breathtaking.

"So, having visited this debacle upon us, which has distracted us from those big issues for over three years, they now use the distraction as a reason for doing Brexit, not abandoning it.

"But it appeals.

"It is, however, a fantasy. Brexit isn't over on December 12, nor even on January 31 next year.

"We immediately begin the new phase of Brexit negotiation."

Mr Blair is expected to say: "The polls predict a Conservative victory and put the chances of an outright Labour victory as negligible.

"But I wouldn't trust Boris Johnson with a blank cheque."

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