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Blair voicemail makes impression: Five things we learned from election campaign

Knights of the realm Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Vince Cable got up to more mischief in their childhoods than Theresa May.

Here are five things we learned during the General Election campaign on Wednesday:1. Butchers are not afraid to heckle the Prime Minister.

Theresa May started her final day of campaigning early, visiting Smithfield market at 5.30am with her husband Philip in a last-minute bid to beef up her campaign. But her tour of London’s biggest meat market saw her given the cold shoulder by some butchers, who shouted “vote Labour” and “end police cuts” as Mrs May walked around on one of her final campaign stops in this high-steaks election.

2. Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Vince Cable upped the ante for politicians’ bad behaviour.

On Tuesday, vicar’s daughter Theresa May revealed that the naughtiest thing she had ever done was to “run through the fields of wheat” as a child. When asked on ITV’s Good Morning Britain about their own rap sheets, Labour’s Sir Keir and Liberal Democrat Sir Vince put the Prime Minister’s misdemeanour to shame. Sir Vince said there had been “an episode with an air rifle” when he was under 10 years old, while Sir Keir said: “The list is long, and can’t be broadcast.”

3. Tony Blair is backing Jeremy Corbyn (sort of).
(Niall Carson/PA)

The current Labour leader has been left a voicemail by impressionist Rory Bremner, who reprised his Mr Blair character on the eve of polling day. In the voicemail, Mr Bremner’s former prime minister says he is “sincerely wishing Corbyn and New – er – the party the best of luck for June 9”, adding: “But you’ve have got to tighten up your act. If I didn’t know an important figure then I just made it up.” The voicemail was left for new satirical podcast Strong & Stable.

4. Pranksters are targeting the Lib Dem battle bus.

After party leader Tim Farron had a campaign walkabout with Sir Vince in Twickenham, the bus had to be sent back to its depot for a clean after someone wrote “Vote Labour” on the back of the bus. The Lib Dem bus also hosted a mobile disco on Tuesday night, where some of the more enthusiastic passengers changed the words to “It’s Raining Men” to “It’s Raining Tim” in tribute to Mr Farron.

5. Lord Sugar pays his taxes.

The former Labour peer and long-term party supporter faced a backlash online after he said that voters “cannot be serious to place the UK in the hands of Corbyn and the likes”. When he faced accusations from supporters of the Labour leader that his opposition was because of Mr Corbyn’s plans to tax higher earners, Lord Sugar tweeted a picture of a cheque for £58,646,028.44 addressed to HM Revenue & Customs, saying this was the tax he had paid personally in January.


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