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Blunkett call over terror funding

Gulf States must take action against citizens who are funding terror across the globe, former home secretary David Blunkett has said.

Countries including Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are tolerating and even protecting funders of Islamic State (IS) fighters, Mr Blunkett claimed.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph he said: "They cannot parade on the international scene their desire to assist in taking on the global threat from extremism but then condone, in their own back yard, those providing the means to carry through that deadly intent."

Recalling his time as home secretary after the September 11 terror attacks on New York's Twin Towers, Mr Blunkett said he had been surprised to learn that names which appeared on US sanctions lists, subjecting those suspected of funding terrorists to asset freezing and travel bans, did not feature on UK lists .

While Mr Blunkett welcomed David Cameron's recent announcement on a Bill which would include powers to cancel the passports of UK nationals who travel abroad to fight for IS, he said preventing money reaching "our deadliest enemies" is an even more important matter.

Mr Blunkett said: "Pressure needs to come not just from the UK and the US, but from all those nations committed to providing a stable and secure world in which trade can flourish, poverty can be reduced and freedom from fear can be secured."


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