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BMW ad for anti-dazzle headlights 'misleading'

By Josie Clarke

An ad for BMW has been banned for making the "misleading" claim that its high beam headlight technology prevented oncoming drivers from being dazzled.

The radio ad for the BMW 1 series car said its High Beam Assist technology meant "oncoming traffic is never dazzled".

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) upheld a complaint that the claim was misleading and exaggerated the technology's capabilities.

BMW UK said High Beam Assist illuminated the road at night with full beam but a sensor monitored oncoming traffic and immediately adjusted the beam when necessary.

It was possible that there would be a delay of approximately 600 milliseconds to one second if a vehicle approached from a curve while the sensor detected the lights of the oncoming car and turned down the high beam.

The ASA said that consumers were likely to interpret the "oncoming traffic is never dazzled" as absolute.

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