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Body 'probably missing Briton'


Boxing promoter Michael Graydon went missing in Monaco last month

Boxing promoter Michael Graydon went missing in Monaco last month

Boxing promoter Michael Graydon went missing in Monaco last month

It is "highly probable" that a body found in Monaco is that of a missing British man.

Michael Graydon, 29, from Stockwood, Bristol, has not been seen since becoming separated from a friend outside the Rascasse nightclub on Saturday February 21.

A Monaco government spokeswoman said that while a "medical legal exam" still has to be completed, the body was found with a driving licence under the name of Michael Graydon.

Genevieve Berti, deputy director of the Monaco Media Bureau, added: "So it's highly probably that the body is the body of Michael Graydon."

The last sighting of Mr Graydon is on CCTV footage, timed at 1.36am on February 21, showing him running away from the nightclub. But he did not appear to have been pursued.

She said the body, which was unrecognisable due to being in an advanced state of decomposition, had tattoos on the arms, which were "really comparable" to what was described by My Graydon's family.

Mr Graydon was described as having a number of tattoos on his torso and arms.

Ms Berti said the body was found "behind a little church" in the Sainte Dévote area near the harbour.

She said the last images of boxing promoter Mr Graydon showed him next to the harbour.

Ms Berti says the images show Mr Graydon climbing over the wall of a property and said it is believed that he then fell.

She said it is not being treated as suspicious, adding that no one else can be seen in the images.

Mr Graydon, described by friend Stacey Marie Jones as "the kind of man who would do anything for anybody", had been in Monaco to watch a match featuring Bristol fighter Lee Haskins.

But he never made it to the event, and missed his flight home.

Ms Jones is part of a 12-strong group of close family and friends who travelled to central Monaco to hand out leaflets and meet police and legal officials in their hunt for Mr Graydon.

She said: "We are not leaving Monaco and we are not going to stop until we have answers and until he is back home with us - whether that be in body or in spirit.

"He has a two-year-old son, Reuben, who will need answers. We do not believe that anyone can go missing in Monaco and no-one would know what happened to him."

Well-wishers have raised £15,000 since Tuesday to help fund the search and hire lawyers in Monaco.

Supporters of the family held a march in Bristol to support his family and friends.

Ms Jones said: "He is such a family man and such a mother's boy that we knew that when he had not been in contact with his mother that something was wrong."