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Bombardier: Jeremy Corbyn questions US special relationship over Boeing dispute

By Jonathan Bell

Jeremy Corbyn has questioned the "special relationship" the UK government has with America, referencing the Bombardier ruling the Labour leader said Prime Minister Theresa May was betting the economy on a cross-Atlantic trade deal.

Mr Corbyn was addressing his party conference in Brighton.

On discussing the "special relationship" with America and on recent speeches made by US President Trump, he said the UK government had a responsibility and could not "meekly" follow in its path.

"If the special relationship means anything, we should be able to that way is the wrong way," he said.

"And that is clearly what is happening in the Bombardier case. Thousands of jobs are now at stake.

"The Prime Minister is betting the economic future on a de-regulated trade deal with US might want to explain how 220% tariffs  are going to boost our exports from the country."

The magic money tree it's been found... and it's been given a good shake

The MP opened his key note address mentioning the £1billion deal the Conservatives struck with the DUP in order to support its minority government.

"The magic money tree it's been found," he told conference, "And it's been put to use, but I'm not going to say good use.

"When it was needed to keep Theresa May in Downing Street it was given a good old shake.

"We now know the price of power, it's approximately £100m for each Democratic Unionist MP.

"Do you remember we were promised a coalition of chaos if Labour were elected to power. Now they are showing us how that will work.

"And I am not just talking about the desperate deal with the DUP - it's in their Cabinet."

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