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Boris backs two hours of PE per day

Boris Johnson has called for schoolchildren to be given two hours of physical education a day to secure the sporting legacy of the London Olympics.

Amid criticism of the Government's decision to scrap the two-hours-a-week compulsory target, the London Mayor said widening participation in sport after the Games was of "profound" importance.

He said ministers "totally understand" the public's renewed appetite for sport and the social and economic advantages it could bring.

The mayor said there were already efforts in London to increase children's participation in sport, adding: "I would like to see a much more thorough-going effort. I think we must build on the achievements of these Games. People are signing up for sporting activities of all kinds, they are enrolling, they are involved."

He said he would like to see Team London volunteers, who have already been CRB-checked, "mobilised" after the Games to "train kids up" in sports.

"I think the Government totally understands people's appetite for this, they can see the benefits of sport and what it does for young people. I think they understand very, very clearly the social and economic advantages," he said.

"I would like to see, frankly, the kind of regime I used to enjoy - compulsory two hours sport every day... I've no doubt that is the sort of thing that would be wonderful for kids across this country. I think it is of profound importance for the happiness and success of this country that we have more sport in schools."

Mr Johnson also suggested that the Olympics could come back to London again within the next two decades.

At a press conference on the future of the Stratford site, to be called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the Games, he said it would host international competitions in rugby, athletics, hockey and diving over the coming years.

"An endless, endless series of global sporting events coming, and quite rightly - and why not the Olympics, again? We have made an unanswerable case for hosting the Olympics again in the next 20 years."

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