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Boris Johnson makes quick exit after count as Theresa May leadership questioned

The Foreign Secretary was re-elected as Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP.

Boris Johnson retained his seat in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, but was in a rush to get off the stage.

The Tory MP looked in a hurry to be leaving the count at Brunel University, and as soon as all the speeches were over made a dash for the exit.

He stormed into the venue simply stating that it was “early days”.

In his victory speech Mr Johnson said: “It is early to comment on the events unfolding tonight in this General Election.

“But one this is absolutely clear, I think to all of us who have been elected as MPs tonight across our fantastic country, that is we have got to listen to our constituents and listen to their concerns.”

He added: “I am proud to be re-elected as the member of parliament for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.”

Mr Johnson said nothing else about wider results of the night and how his party was performing, but thanked all involved in the election in the borough.

A number of other declarations were made at the same count, including that for Hayes and Harlington which was won by John McDonnell.

Mr McDonnell said Theresa May had made a big mistake in calling the General Election.

Asked if she should resign, he said: “Increasingly now political commentators and by the sound of it, some Tory MPs now consider her position is now untenable.

“I was expecting Boris Johnson to launch his leadership campaign tonight. But clearly not tonight, maybe tomorrow.”

Earlier Mr McDonnell declared Labour would form a government at the first opportunity, even if it was a “minority government.”

Mr McDonnell said: “I think Theresa May actually called a General Election despite promising some seven times not to. And people thought this was unnecessary. And she put party before country.”

He added: “Whenever we get the opportunity we will do, if it’s a minority government we will. But we don’t know the results of this election yet. We are extremely cautious, let’s see what the results are.”


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