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Brand to explain his 'revolution'


Russell Brand is to "explain" his concept of "revolution" in a new book.

Russell Brand is to "explain" his concept of "revolution" in a new book.

Russell Brand is to "explain" his concept of "revolution" in a new book.

Comedian Russell Brand is aiming to fire up the revolutionary spirit by writing a new book about how to improve society.

The funnyman and Hollywood star - who has already written two hugely successful volumes of his memoirs - will publish his as-yet-untitled book later this year.

Book firms are currently lining up their entries for the lucrative Christmas market, with Brand's new work to be released in October.

Publisher Century said the book will urge readers to "discard apathy and challenge the status quo", as well as sharing his views on " inequality, rioting, financial meltdown, and the total mistrust of politicians".

Brand has spoken about his views on revolution during interviews in recent months and outlined his thoughts in an essay for New Statesman when was guest editor. He also got into a spat with fellow comic Robert Webb who was unimpressed by Brand's call for people to register their disenchantment with the system by refusing to vote.

Brand said of his new book: "People keep asking me how The Revolution will work? 'We all want to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia but how?', they ask. Well in this book, I'm going to explain it.

"Having accrued the greatest wisdom known to man - by conducting interviews, watching DVDs, reading books, thinking and looking at the sky - I am now able to put in a simple, accessible book(y wook) the solution to internal and external turmoil. And about time too."

Ben Dunn, the publishing director of Century said: " Like the rest of the world, I have been avidly following Russell's writing and stand up and have been inspired by his passionate call to arms. This book will be a massive extension of that and I can't wait to publish his brilliant words later this year."

The book will be published in hardback with a paperback to follow next year.