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Brave Abbie competes in tournament


A yob threw a beer bottle and smashed the window of a car, injuring a nine-year-old girl

A yob threw a beer bottle and smashed the window of a car, injuring a nine-year-old girl

A yob threw a beer bottle and smashed the window of a car, injuring a nine-year-old girl

A brave nine-year-old girl who needed surgery after she was scarred and almost blinded by a yob who threw a beer bottle at a moving car has made a remarkable recovery, her grandmother said.

Less than two days after a thug left her covered in blood, Abbie Keers joined her friends for a gymnastics tournament and came second, her proud grandmother said.

On Friday at 10.30pm Sandra Webb, a retired police officer, was driving her daughter and two grandchildren to a walk-in medical centre in her Fiat Punto through Stanley, County Durham, when there was a loud bang.

Abbie was showered with glass from the front passenger window when the bottle went straight through, and she suffered cuts to her forehead, nose, hands and around her right eye.

"I heard a loud explosion," her grandmother said. "I pulled over and Abbie was screaming, her hands were covering her face and there was blood.

"It was not until my daughter opened the door and saw the bottle in the front foot well that we could see what had happened.

"It was thrown with some force.

"Abbie was hysterical and we rang for an ambulance and the police."

Abbie went to hospital where a plastic surgeon removed shards of glass from her face.

Mrs Webb said: "She could have been blinded and we are very lucky she was not. I think the reason she was not was because she was dozing off and her eyes were closed.

"She will have some small permanent scarring."

The family felt sure someone must know who was responsible.

"I don't know how they can protect someone who can maim a child like that. If they don know who it is, they should contact the police," she said.

Mrs Webb said her granddaughter was shy and quiet yet determined and refused to let her injury stop her competing at gymnastics today, where she came second.

"We are very proud of her," she said.

Abbie was interviewed by police earlier and her injuries have been photographed for evidence.

Acting Chief Inspector Karen Naunton said "This is a mindless act which has caused serious injury to a young girl. If you witnessed this incident or have any information relating to it, please contact police on 101 quoting incident number DHM-14022014-0458."

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