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Brave schoolboy wins police award

A schoolboy who was stabbed while trying to prevent a fellow pupil being attacked and a man shot in the stomach while seeking to foil a robbery at a jeweller's have been honoured at a police bravery awards ceremony.

Ben Hudson, then 16, rugby tackled the knifeman as he attacked his ex-girlfriend outside Ridgeway School in Stourbridge, West Midlands, on April 1 last year. The teenager attempted to hold down the attacker who then turned the knife on him, slicing his finger, before other bystanders intervened.

The 14-year-old schoolgirl was stabbed a total of 11 times and was airlifted to hospital, while the offender was jailed for 13 years for the attack.

Colin Thomas, then aged 24, was also hailed a hero after he pursued a group of men who robbed a jeweller's in Croydon, south London, in September 2009.

The men were armed with hammers, which they used to threaten customers and staff and smash the jewellery cabinets, but ran away after floor supervisor Mr Thomas tried to stop them. He chased them before one of the men fired a shot at point blank range, hitting him in the stomach.

Mr Thomas was given emergency first aid at the scene before being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery while the five suspects made off with jewellery worth approximately £70,000.

He and Ben were the two recipients of the Binney Award, the first time the award has been bestowed on more than one person at the Association of Chief Police Officers Police Public Bravery Awards.

Other have-a-go-heroes to be recognised for acts of bravery included four men who all tackled armed robbers in separate incidents, and a man who took on a gunman in an hospital's A&E department.

They all received gold medals at the ceremony as part of the annual conference of police chiefs in Manchester.

Honorary awards secretary, Chief Constable David Crompton, said: "Every day somewhere in the UK, people put themselves in harm's way in order to aid others who are vulnerable or at risk - and that's not always just police officers. These nationwide awards are a chance for the police service to thank those public-spirited men, women and youngsters who've helped their communities to face up to the threat that crime brings."


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