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Bravest wartime surnames saluted

Records of medals awarded to soldiers in the First World War have revealed the bravest surnames - with White, Walker and Thomas coming out on top.

Family history website Ancestry.co.uk said anyone sharing those names will probably have an ancestor who was given the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Other names in the top 10 include Martin, King, Roberts, Hill, Anderson and Robinson.

Miriam Silverman, of Ancestry.co.uk, said: "With more than 10 million military records detailing the exploits of brave medal winners from 1793 to 1945 available at Ancestry.co.uk, now is the perfect time to find out more about the war hero in your own family.

"The War Horse novel, play and now Spielberg's film will inform and inspire a generation about the stories of brave soldiers that fought for our freedom - stories that can be uncovered within the millions of military records now online."

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