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'Breaking Bad' poison plot daughter is sent to jail

By Dominic Harris

A lovestruck woman who was cleared of trying to kill her oppressive mother by poisoning her diet Coke in a Breaking Bad-inspired plot has been jailed for three years.

Kuntal Patel (37) was accused of giving her "controlling and selfish'' mother Meena the ricin-like toxin abrin after she "forbade'' her to marry her fiance.

It was alleged that Patel dreamed up the murder plot after becoming "addicted'' to the American TV series Breaking Bad and watching an episode in which a character, drug lord Walter White, kills an enemy with ricin-laced tea.

Patel, of Plaistow, east London, admitted fantasising about killing her mother, a magistrate, who was said to be "hell-bent'' on breaking up her engagement and to have bullied and beaten her.

Last month she was cleared of the attempted murder of her mother but convicted of acquiring a biological agent or toxin.

She had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to acquire a biological agent or toxin.

Sentencing Patel at London's Southwark Crown Court, Mr Justice Singh jailed her for three years for acquiring the biological agent or toxin, and 18 months for attempting to acquire a biological agent or toxin, running concurrently.

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