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Bring back National Service, urges Prince Harry

By Tom White

Prince Harry has credited the Army for keeping him out of trouble, and called for National Service to be brought back.

Speaking at the end of his week-long trip to New Zealand, Harry reflected on his time in the armed forces saying it had done amazing things for him, and adding that he dreads to think where he would be now if he had not joined up.

He also encouraged his nephew and niece, George and Charlotte, to one day join themselves as "it's done no harm, just good, for me and I know it's the same for William".

Having spoken at the beginning of his trip about how "great" it would be to have someone to share the pressure of his public role, Harry confirmed he is currently content being single.

He said: "I'm very happy not having a girlfriend."

Having recently ended his time with the Army, he is set to spend the summer working with conservation groups in Africa.

"Yeah, definitely, without a doubt, it does keep you out of trouble. Different people do it for different reasons," he said.

"I did it because since I was a kid I enjoyed wearing the combats, I enjoyed running around with a rifle, jumping in a ditch and living in the rain and stuff.

"But then when I grew up, it became more than that, it became an opportunity for me to escape the limelight.

"I've had an epic 10 years, I've had great fun. The Army keep giving me great jobs, and I can never thank them enough for that."

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