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Britain First leader Paul Golding ‘admits’ assaulting Jayda Fransen

Paul Golding
Paul Golding

By Staff Reporter

Leader of far-right group Britain First Paul Golding has been secretly recorded admitting to violently attacking his ex-deputy Jayda Fransen.

The revelation emerged in a film broadcast by BBC Northern Ireland's Spotlight programme.

In the recording Golding is heard saying he assaulted Fransen and another woman.

The programme spoke to a dozen ex-members of Britain First - some from Northern Ireland - who personally witnessed or had been aware of these assaults.

Fransen confirmed the allegations are true to the BBC.

She said she and Golding, frequent visitors here, were a couple for a short time when she joined Britain First in 2014.

After that personal relationship ended, she and others have said the violence continued over a period of roughly four-and-a-half years while she was with the party.

She quit Britain First at the beginning of this year.

Last year the pair were jailed in England for religiously aggravated harassment of Muslim people.

The secret recording obtained by the BBC was made in December 2015.

In it Fransen is heard repeatedly challenging Golding about the violent attacks he has inflicted on her.

Golding never denies her claims in the recording.

In one excerpt the pair are discussing an attempted assault that Golding had apparently carried out on Fransen earlier that day.

In the audio, Golding says: "What happened this morning… you weren't innocent."

Fransen responds: "I didn't come near you.

"You tried to come at me, tried to hit me, you said you were going to kill me and threw a bottle of drink at my face."

Golding then claims: "Driving someone mentally crazy is just as bad as physical."

Fransen asks Golding if this is what he said to another woman she suggests he used to physically hit.

She adds: "Everyone drives you crazy, so you beat them, that's your excuse?"

It is at this point that Golding is heard admitting to assaults on both Fransen and a second unnamed woman, when he says "The only two girls I lay a finger on in my life is **** and you."

Fransen told the BBC she felt she had a duty to warn others about Golding.

She says she thought, at some point, "I'm gonna end up dead here."

The programme also aired CCTV footage of Golding fighting with a former Britain First member in a Belfast street in December and raised serious questions about the organisation's finances.

Golding has been the leader of Britain First for eight years. The party asks for public donations.

The BBC put all its allegations to Golding. He did not answer any of the specific questions. But he said: "I have been advised to warn you that any libel or defamation will result in legal proceedings."

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