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Britain 'stronger, safer and better off in Europe', David Cameron says

David Cameron has warned that Britain has "100 days to secure our future" as he ramped up his drive for a "remain" vote in the EU referendum.

In a new campaign video, the Prime Minister repeated claims that leaving would push up prices in the shops, put jobs at risks and make the country's streets more dangerous.

The Stronger In footage shows Mr Cameron speaking in 10 Downing Street, interspersed with clips of "working people" explaining why they want the UK to stay in.

Mr Cameron urged the public to "play your part" in the poll on June 23.

"In a hundred days you'll have your say - whether Britain remains in a reformed Europe enjoying all the benefits that brings, like lower prices in the shops, more jobs and safer streets," he said. "Or whether those benefits are put at risk by leaving.

"We have a hundred days left to secure our future. It is a decision that will affect your future, your family's future and the lives of everyone in our country."

The Tory leader added: "Britain is stronger, safer and better off in Europe. Families across the country have more security and greater opportunity as part of the European Union."

The SNP's European affairs spokesman Stephen Gethins said: "The result of the EU referendum will have a significant impact on everyone in Scotland and across the rest of the United Kingdom. It is disappointing that the referendum will be held just after the absolutely vital Holyrood elections and other contests in Wales, Northern Ireland and London.

''Our focus is on those elections, however, it is also critically important that we use the next 100 days to make the case for remaining in the EU. That means a positive case highlighting the positive impact that the EU has had in areas such as social policy, the environment and building economic cooperation between independent European member states."

He said he hoped neither side would be drawn into a " Project Fear" approach to the campaign.


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