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British Airways steward claims being called 'darling' is offensive to his religious beliefs

A British Airways steward called ‘darling’ by a female colleague turned to an industrial tribunal after claiming the term was an insult offensive to his religious beliefs.

Rothstein Williams, a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, said he was further upset when another colleague criticised him for reading his Bible and managers refused to do anything about it.

Mr Williams 41 claimed BA discriminated against him on the grounds of religious discrimination, however when the tribunal in Reading heard that BA has so many staff they struggle to remember each other’s names so ‘darling’ is a useful substitute.

Victor Hulbert, a spokesman for the British wing of Mr Williams’ church told the Daily Mail: “I wouldn’t think we would be any more offended by use of the word ‘darling’ than ony other members of the public. And a pastor would suggest you turn the other cheek.”

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