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British people 'similar to Germans' in behaviour, study says

Britons are more similar to their European counterparts in their behaviour and attitude than previously thought, according to a study.

Their behaviour is "squarely European" and is more similar to that found in Germany than other countries, including the United States, said a report.

A study of 6,500 people in nine countries found those in the UK had right-of-centre-politics and saw national problems as a greater priority than global issues.

Futures consultancy Trajectory said its research also found that most UK adults felt "rushed" in their lives.

One in five people questioned in the UK said they would not like to live next door to an immigrant or foreign worker, more than any other country in the study, including France, Italy, Germany and the US, the report said.

Tom Johnson, the report's author, said: "The research tells us a great deal about why we're having this (EU) referendum.

"Although our behaviours and daily routines are squarely European, we're attitudinally adrift, caught somewhere between Western Europe and the US."

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